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☆ Mountain Oshima Recommend ★ Banquet plan - ☆

☆ Mountain Oshima Recommend ★ Banquet plan - ☆

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  • 14-20persons

In mountain sanctuary, I will do my best to be satisfied with all customers' customers ^ ^ Because I will do more than I can as much as possible ♪ Please say anything ♪ "Please put this sake I want it "" I want you to use this ingredient "firmly I will correspond!

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【Things that can be useful from mountain sanma】

◇ Mini bouquet or Sake 1 sauce bottle gift (^ ^) ♪ Please express your gratitude to the leading people feeling gratitude ♪ Please also indicate your favorite color etc. ♪

I think that some people are busy with, such as transfer.I will prepare a wonderful bouquet instead of every busy secretary.

※ We are limited to customers who have reserved for more than 4 people.

※ Bouquets will be prepared at the price of 1500 yen per one from the second one.

※ Japanese sake 1 jar is also wrapped.

◇ As long as you book the course, souvenirs will arrive ♪

◇ In addition, I think that there are various requests such as "I want you to put such a liquor", "Champagne for a toast", "I want you to put this ingredient".

We will correspond as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to ask me anything ♪

◇ Decorations in the store are OK !!

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2019/01/13 update