※ Monday to Thursday only !! ◇ ◆ Girls' Association course ◇ "2 hour drink all you can with" 4000 yen Sake a lot of sake
4000 yen

If you have poor foods etc., even one person can change it so please do not hesitate to consult us.All you can drink is for one person plus 500 yen and you can extend for 30 minutes for all you can drink, so please inquire in detail ☆

Good menu list of the husband to feel the season


■ Mountain Okinawa specialty
Avocado seafood Buddhist "It is irresistible for avocado lovers"

■ 八 dimension
Assortment of autumn "Please feel the autumn"

■ egg custard
Nanking's spillage "Warm up to the heart"

■ Yamaguchi's Choshu chicken, Kagoshima's six black and white pig, Hiroshima Sera beef lamp
"Three kinds of meat can be enjoyed"

■ Tamari Sushi 2 Kang and Oh Juice

■ Seasonal compote
"Easy to eat without too sweet"


Because you are using seasonal ingredients, and coagulant is possible to change the menu contents.Please acknowledge.